Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Old Iron Lady

22 years ago Rochelle called.  She had been asked to "round up" some friends who sewed alot to test a new iron.  We had to agree to use the iron everyday for 6 weeks and after to go to a focus group and critique the iron and say what we liked and didn't like about it.  Would I do it?

I will, I said.  "But I won't buy it!  I don't need an iron".  Surely this was just a sales gimick.  "I WILL NOT BE PRESSURED INTO BUYING THE IRON", I said.

Two days later... How had I functioned before she came into my life?
Six weeks later..."I NEED IT.  I MUST HAVE IT.  PLEASE CAN I BUY IT?????

That was we all said.  One woman absolutely refused to give hers back until they threatened to send out the police.  We were forced to return the prototypes to the store.  It seemed they were really NOT FOR SALE....REALLY. 
Two months later, the store called.  They would be producing the irons and if we wanted the prototypes they would sell them to us.  (The one woman had called every day for six weeks to beg and I guess she wore them down).  EACH AND EVERY TESTER bought her iron before the store changed their minds.

The iron was made by Passap for quite a while and then they sold out to another company and then it was eventually discontinued.  Several of the woman said their irons stopped steaming after many years and they let them go, but my Passap just labored on.  My drapery installer once forgot his commercial steamer to steam my new drapes and I offered him Passap.  He tried to buy her from me.....twice!!!!

Passap got "sick" last year.  She sputtered and spit and refused to steam.  Then one day she up and recuperated all on her own. 

Until last week.  I thought she was a "gonner".  There was no remission this time. After a quick checkup I diagnosed her problem.  She had a blockage; right below her reservoir.  I guess that happens as we age.   I felt a glimmer of hope.  B. and I did a little surgery.  We carefully opened her up and probed and stuck her.  Nothing.  I mentioned that if we only had an air compressor we could clean her out.  And B. said,  "I have a bike pump!"
It worked.  We put her back together and she is good as new.  And that's something for such an old workhorse.

It's not everyday you get to save a life.


  1. You're too funny! She sounds like an awesome iron -- I'm sure glad you were able to save her. Mostly, because, I'm pretty sure you won't find anything as reliable these days!

  2. I love this post, made me smile and laugh, it was perfect ! We do get attached to our irons. I am so happy you were able to "save a life" it does feel good. HIGH FIVE yourself. [ this is what we do at the hospital when we really work hard in a very difficult situation and it turns out well, I love those days ]. It is as good as saving a loved iron !

  3. I need an iron like that! I have used someone else's iron at YW and knew I had a loser!

  4. Oh my gosh. Great story Bonnie! I'm glad you were able to bring her back to life. Once when I was in a rs presidency, our president told a Sheri Dew story about having power. She used a steam iron that looks like yours for an object lesson. It had a separate until for steam . She talked about the power in the iron, because of the steam pack. After the lesson, about a dozen women came up to ask her about THE IRON. It was really funny. It was then we were sure no one heard the message of the lesson!

  5. What a hoot your story is - but a serious one as well. We all know how precious a really good iron is and yours has taken a licking and keeps on ticking. I gave up buying expensive irons because they just don't last. I buy cheap ones now - how crazy is that. Anywho glad you were able to "clean out the clog" and keep her going. Happy Pressing

  6. Good job!
    So glad you could save 'The Old Iron Lady!'
    Sounds like a gem of an appliance, especially for a beautiful quilter, such as yourself :

    Enjoy this beautiful day.


    p.s. I loved the comment that you left for me. I laugh also, when I see someone picking up rocks.
    I took 3 large rocks from Manti with us, when we moved to Pleasant Grove; many years ago.

  7. there is nothing like a good iron...glad you were able to fix the old gal.;)

  8. So glad you were able to rescue Miss Passap. What good doctors you are.

  9. Well Done! So often things can't be fixed as they are sealed in moulded plastic so it is a nice feeling when you can give something another lease on life!

  10. Great job! Lucky you to have such an iron! When I started reading this post, I was all set to buy one of these for my son who has to wear a white(I think) collared shirt and tie to work each day. Shucks.

  11. Way to go! That is how I grew up: we never discarded small appliances - my father fixed them. I miss having him around to fix my good old stuff. I am courageous but not enough to open an iron. However, I should start doing it. After all, that was just the way he started out fixing things. He used to say: "Well, it wasn't 'born' this way, so we can fix it".