Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost time to Celebrate.

One more row to go and then it's finished.  Couldn't help but share.

  • Two years, on and off.
  • One really big rug.  It outgrew my lap, THANK GOODNESS (I could lose a few pounds, but I'd have to shoot myself if my lap was that big).
  • Almost finished.  I think there must needs be a party to celebrate.  I'll need to round up some new friends.  This is the group that I started out with at the beginning of the project...
Just kidding, but sometimes it feels like the rug took that long to make.

Why don't I ever start a small project instead of jumping into (or onto, in this case) such a large one?

When I took an upholstery class my first project was a sofa.
My first quilt...queen size.
My first garden plot...huge.

There might just be a disturbing pattern here.
Next time you see this rug it will be at the Stone House. 

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  1. Congratulations! That really is something to celebrate. I love the look handmade items give a home. I know what you mean about big projects. I am making a sweater with long sleeves. It is taking so long it will be warm weather when I am finally done! Ah well, there's always next winter :)

  2. COngratulations! Well done. It is so cheery with all that color. I love the look hand made items give a home.

  3. Yaaaayyyyyy! I love it. I know you've worked so hard and dedicated hundreds of hours to making this rug. It looks great, and will look even greater on the bedroom floor. Now you can finally start on my Christmas stocking!

  4. WOW!!! That IS worth celebrating. Tis a thing of beauty!

    You crack me right up, taking on such huge projects! With finished products like that...it might become addicting. :)

  5. Oh Bonnie, this rug is amazing, beautiful and WOW !!!
    You should be proud of yourself.

  6. Oh my gosh, this post cracked me up! :) Your rug is big and BEAUTIFUL! Woo hoo for you, Bonnie!

  7. VEry Nice Bonnie! It's so beautiful and BIG!(words even big lap ladies like to hear, hehehe) It will make a real nice centerpiece/addition to your Stone House.

  8. It's big and beautiful! Congrats!

  9. It looks wonderful and will be beautiful in your Stone House. The picture of "your friends" that you started with was a hoot lol. A party to celebrate - great idea :)


  10. I made a tiny little one when I was in Junior High and we were studying the pioneers. I can't imagine the work and the weight of this as you handled it. I love seeing it this way to give perspective on the size. Your sewing circle are just adorable. You probably outlived all of them too!!! Luv it!

  11. Beautiful! I think it's wonderful!

    I just found one very similar to yours in an old quilt box that belonged to my stepdad's mom. He let me have it and I love it!

  12. It is absolutely glorious! Meg x

  13. Wow, Bonnie ... that is amazing. I would never try to do one of those. You should be very proud of yourself.
    I LOVE it.
    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving such a nice comment. Hope you will visit again.
    Audrey Z.

  14. Hi Bonnie, What a beautiful rug! And what an accomplishment!
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  15. Hi Bonnie, I love it! I can see why it took you that long. That is quite an undertaking. You'll be doing a happy dance for sure.
    p.s. Now a new follower

  16. OMG I can't believe you made that!!! I have never known anyone that did, it's gorgeous and an heirloom for sure!! I remember one in our very first house when I was a kid.....OK time for you to try a SMALL project LOL!


  17. I want a rug like that-so wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!


  18. Beautiful!!! Thanks for the visit :) Laurel

  19. Absolutely beautiful! I've always wanted to make one and am so impressed with your rug. I'll be featuring you next week at Knick of Time Tuesday - so grab a button at the top of my page under the "Buttons" tab!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  20. Bonnie, it's beautiful! You've made a masterpiece. I can't wait to see it in person.

  21. Hi Bonnie, I'm sorry but it doesn't appear that my earlier comment went through so I'll just repeat what I said. Your rug is wonderful and will be so beautiful in your home. I would hate to walk on it but I know that is silly because these rugs can last a lifetime and beyond.

  22. Yay for that gorgeous rug! You amaze me. I don't blame you for feeling proud of it.

  23. What a marvelous accomplishment, Bonnie. You must be delighted with the outcome. My mom used to make braided rugs out of old wool coats. I love braided rugs! I'm following you via Linky Followers. I hope you'll follow back. Loved reading about your projects.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  24. SPLASH! I feel like I just jumped into a pool of rainbows!!! LOVELY!! How marvelous to finish it...and now you can sit back and enjoy it! I'm so glad you shared it with us for Pearls and Lace thursday!!

  25. What a beauty...sure...big is always better!