Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Thursday, July 28, 2011

French Toast with Raspberries

Mr. City Home made french toast while I was in the garden.  You'll never guess what he topped it with.
I picked another 5 pans of berries, but I gave up before I got through the patch.  I was tired, so I went in and made myself some french toast.  I deserved a reward.

French Toast

Day-old or slightly stale ciabatta bread (or any bread you have on hand), sliced
Large eggs
pinch of ground cinnamon
pinch of salt
milk or cream

(The amount of eggs and milk you need vary depending on the amount of bread slices you have.  I guess.)

In a flat bowl big enough to fit the bread slices, whisk the egg, salt, and cinnamon until the yolk and white is smooth and combined.   Add a bit of milk to thin the egg.  (We are not making toast coated with a scrambled egg so do thin the egg a little bit).
Lay the bread slices in the egg mixture for about 15 seconds per side or until the bread absorbs some of the egg mixture.  Let the excess egg drip off.
Butter or spray a skillet, griddle or pan and let it pre-heat slightly.  Lay the bread slices in the skillet and cook on Medium heat until the bread is golden brown and slightly dried out.  Flip and cook the other side.

Serve warm with butter, pure maple syrup and fresh fruit...we used raspberries, of course.
You could also top this with bananas, or any other fresh fruit you happen to have around; maybe even a dollop of sour cream.


  1. I'm exhausted just looking at all those luscious raspberries. You're amazing. Your French toast looks amazing too.

  2. Ooooh, you lucky girl -- LOOK at all those berries! Are you going to make jam? We just made jam here last weekend but sadly, we had to buy our berries. I hope you had a fun Pioneer Day!

  3. Yum, yum, YUM! You DO deserve some French toast after all that raspberry picking. You must have an amazing berry patch.


  4. I can't believe all the raspberries. I'm jealous!

  5. Now that is my kind of reward! You must have the biggest berry patch around, and a very green(or red, now:))thumb!

  6. Really? You tired out before picking all of your berries!! I wanted some tonight, but our grocery only had them for 5.99 for a cup. YIKES! I passed. Wish I was your neighbor so I could sneak over and steal a few :)

  7. I have plenty to share. Growing raspberries is easy. They don't require much care; just some sun, a little water now and then, and a bit of fertilizer thrown in the patch in the spring.

    I have starts if you want them Si.