Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Lamp

So just before I painted that lamp red, I painted this one black.
We have a granary/guest house that really needs a table lamp. 

The thing is, the original ceiling is open and tall so we needed something bulky and large.  The granary has the original beams and lot's of pine. and the bare lamp just blended in and faded away.  After looking and looking at flea markets and second hand stores and striking out, we finally found this at Pottery Barn.  Hmmm, the scale is perfect.  The bare wood?  Not so perfect. The plain wood lamp just blended in and faded away.
The answer?
Black latex paint and a fairly dry brush.

Now it's perfect.

Stay tuned for a two lamp shade makeover tutorials coming soon to this blog.


  1. Can I come stay at the guest house, Bonnie? It looks very Three Bears! Your lamp is perfect. Can't wait to take the lamp shade lessons.

  2. Beautiful lamp make-over. I'm looking forward to the shade tutorial. If Pom Pom comes to stay, I'll come along with her.