Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Few Things...

I've been working on a few things.
The Antler Cardigan in progress.
It's finished now and is waiting to be blocked.
The first sock from my favorite sock method/book by Wendy Johnson was halfway finished when I tried it on.  OOPS!  It was just a little too big around.  So I frogged it, wound it around my I Pad mini, 
wound it into a skein,
 made a hank out of it by tying it off in three places so it wouldn't get all tangled up and immersed it in cold water.
 Into my salad spinner it went.
 Look how much water I was able to spin out of the hank.
I hung it over the sink to dry.  Please ignore my sad, worn out faucet.  It's being replaced next week with a shiny bright new one.  The bath in cold water did the trick.  The kinks are gone and when the hank dries I'll wind it into a ball and re knit the yarn into another project.  I decided to frog the picot edge on the sock as well.  It was just too tight, so I did Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off and the second sock is now well underway.
Abby decided she wanted satin covered buttons up the back of her bridal gown so after making 15 of them, I laid them out and spaced them before hand sewing them to camouflage the invisible zipper..  Her dress is now finished.  I'll post photos of her in it later.

That's what I've been doing the last few weeks.
What's been keeping you busy?


  1. Your cardi looks soft and scrumptious! How long did that take you? You're speedy!
    Covered buttons are a lovely touch, Bonnie!

  2. My goodness you've been busy. It would break my heart to unwind that sock. If I ever knit a sock, it stays, no matter if it fits or not!

  3. Salad spinner? That is amazing. What a wonderful concept!! Looking forward to seeing the gown.

  4. Is the antler cardigan child-size or adult? It looks like a really fun knit. And darn it on the sock frogging! It looks like a beautiful pattern. And the salad spinner? What a great idea!!!

  5. I don't know much about yarn and knitting, but it looks like you are very ingenious about reviving the yarn! What pretty covered buttons. I can't wait to see the finished gown. You're a busy bee!

  6. My goodness you have been busy haven't you! I love the colour of the sock yarn, so it is good that you can use it again! The buttons for the dress are beautiful! xx

  7. Wow, girl! Thanks for mentioning about wetting the yarn before re-using it. The novice here had no idea one needed to do it.