Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Friday, June 20, 2014


The bee yard.
 If only the bee suits were a bit more flattering!  My age is showing...can you see my reading glasses under my veil?  I need them to see the teeny tiny eggs on the brood frame during an inspection.

Can you see the bees collecting nectar and pollen in the center of my poppies in the kitchen garden?

The new hive is doing well.  It's thriving.  I've put on a new brood box and a honey super.  Bees are amazing creatures.  We are having a good time learning about them and watching them.  I have a whole new understanding of the phrase, "Busy as a Bee".

This is a frame from the brood box.  The bees have made the white wax on the black foundation.  When they make the wax hexagons it's called "drawing out the wax".  This is the nursery of the hive.  The queen is at the left of the frame where you see a little circle of bees around a yellow middle.  She is laying.  We have twice as many bees this week as last.  Hurray!!!!

Dale is patching the limestone mortar on all the stone buildings at the homestead.  The bee holes in the house are patched...thank goodness.  No more swarms!  I like my bees were they belong, in the hive not in the wall of the house.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Often wondered how the new hobby was coming along. Looks like it's a great success!!
    This Fall you'll have jars of golden sweet honey!

    Seeing your stones get re-pointed makes me think of the massive re-pointing job that is underway on the Manti tabernacle. Have you been by to see it?? It is quite amazing; grinding out the old mortar and then replacing it. Scaffolding everywhere.

    Hope you have a great weekend as well.


  2. I hope that the bees do really well for you and themselves and that you get lots of honey at the end of the summer. Most of all I hope that they don't try and take up residence in your house again! xx

  3. Wow! Very impressive! Not far from where I live is a honey stand on the side of the road. The honey is local so I pick it up there. There is an honor box, the honey is left out and customers leave the money in the box. With all I've been reading and hearing about about the bees I was happy to read about what you are doing. Very cool!

  4. I'm impressed by you and your bees. How did you get in to bees? Is it something you grew up doing or a hobby you picked up or did you know someone who taught you how? I've thought I might like to have bees, but I know next to nothing about it and wouldn't know where to begin.

  5. Look at you, the little bee keeper! I pretty much have to wear my glasses most of the time now:(