Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last days of May.

The last rays of sunlight were filtering through the clouds when I took this photo.  The home tour was over and the rain was just getting ready to start up.  It was cold-ish but pleasant.  I'd so much rather put on a sweater than be hot.

There were a lot of people through the house.  About 1200 I'd guess.  This is the Granary of course.  For some reason I didn't take a house photo, but you've seen it before.  Too tired I guess.

This summer we are about to re-landscape the gravel pathways and areas. We never meant to have gravel but somehow our landscaper (and I use that term loosely) didn't get the memo).  Lesson learned.  Always be present when hiring out work.  Hopefully a pergola will be put in and we'll get flagstone down.  The fence is being moved to make a bigger area for eating.

For now, it's time for a breather.
Oh, and we are now beekeepers again!  IFA had whole hives for sale.  More about that later.
I've got another class lined up at the Wool Cabin.  I'll be teaching this little guy.

We're off to put our feet up.


  1. Wow 1200 people!! You must have been exhausted. We can get large numbers of people at Basildon, but that is a whole mansion, not a normal home (albeit a beautiful one!). I am glad that it was a success though. Looking forward to reading more about the bees when you are recovered enough to share! xx

  2. Bonnie, sounds like another busy year with the home show.
    I'll bet you're glad that you don't do the home show every year.
    Your place always looks so nice though, and your little granary is charming.

    It will be fun to get a patio in, and a pergola.
    It will be nice to have a place to have summer meals.
    Hope that you have a well deserved rest, and enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Best of luck with the bees :)


  3. A home tour sounds like very hard work. The granary looks wonderful. Enjoy your rest!
    (cute elephant!)

  4. Amazing beautiful granary and home you have . . .
    And the "little elephant fella" is sooooo adorable!

  5. Gosh. I want a tour of this home. Both homes, really :)
    And the landscaping lesson...I learned that lesson the hard way as well last year when we moved in to our new home. We were out of town when the landscaping took place. I'm having some of it re-done as we speak.
    And third. Love that little elephant!!!

  6. Wow Bonnie. You deserve a BIG break! LOVE LOVE your sweet little elephant -- I wish I were going to be at your class!

  7. Oh, I bet you ARE tired! You are a hard worker!
    I wish I could take the elephant class. He is SO very dear!

  8. I love that granary. Twelve hundred guests is a ton. Sounds like you have a ton to do. Love your elephant -- so charming. Joni

  9. Your home is beautiful as are your pictures! But I love your little knit elephant and how you posed him for the picture. It is hot here on the east side of the mountain already, like you I much prefer to wear a sweater than deal with the heat!

  10. You sound like a busy bee, Bonnie! Sorry, I couldn't resist:) Can't wait to hear more of the details about everything! Your little elephant is a charmer:)