Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Wonderland

It's cold outside; it snowed for 3 days.  Yes, it was a non-stop winter storm.  We are in a drought and need the water but 2 feet in 2 days is a lot of shoveling.  We have a snowblower but the drive is steep and it's easier to shovel by hand (well, most storms it is).  There is nowhere left to shovel the snow too.  As beautiful as the snow is, it was a welcome change when the sun came out today, even if the temperature is just 20 degress F.
 Wool socks are perfect for cold weather.  I've been knitting some for myself.  I am knitting with Madeleinetosh Sock wool and it's just cushy and wonderful to knit with.  I love the hand-dye and it's nice to find such beautiful neutral color.

I knit my socks from the toe up so I can fit them just to the length of my foot.  Knitting toe-up also lets me make the leg as long as I have yarn for.  I like that. 

My tip for using all your yarn in an efficient way:
Divide your skein in half before casting on.  I use a digital kitchen scale and weigh the whole skein.  Then it's easy to wind off half the skein by weight, separating the skein into two balls. 
No short socks with yarn left over that you didn't use!


  1. We have had nothing but rain for days and days and days. I would gladly take some of your snow!

  2. Oh that snow is beautiful ! As are the socks. I must say I am a little jealous of both. We have been very cold on this side of the range but today maybe 35 degrees.

  3. Magical snow pictures! Love the socks---such a pretty, lacy design...I'm knitting socks again---first time since third grade, so very basic. Would love to try your pretties, especially the toe down method---I'm always wishing socks were longer!

  4. Such pretty socks Bonnie (are they off of the needles?) And look at all that gorgeous snow -- I'd be in heaven if we ever had that much snow!

  5. Great winter shots. In upstate New York we had snow from Christmas to late last week, then a "spring spell".
    Tom backroadstraveller.blogspot.com/

  6. Holy Buckets of Snow! I'm glad you got so much, but we could use some too. We've had predictions for snow, but so far haven't had a whole lot.

    Cute socks.

  7. My goodness.. you really got clobbered with snow.
    I sure hope none of the water masters complain this year *grin**.

    I've kept the wood stove going, and things are nice and toasty.
    Bro. Hansen kindly plowed in front of our house, and plowed the snow away in the parking area.

    Hoping for a warm up... and Spring!


  8. I guess my comment got lost last night! i'd wanted to say what pretty socks!And magical snow pics! I'm knitting a sock. Very basic. Last one was when I was in third grade!. I love the toe down idea as I always think socks are too short! Plus I love the lacy pattern> Makes mine seem very humdrum...