Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Monday, January 28, 2013

The sun came out and I cleaned the pantry

It snowed again last night....2 feet more.  All I can say is thank goodness we will have water this spring.  We are getting tired of shoveling.  There is no place to put it anymore and there hasn't been much melt.  The snow on our patio table is the same height it was last week.    The driveway has melted now.  And we got to meet the new neighbors while we were shoveling.  I took this photo of their house across the street early this morning.  Notice the height of the snow piles?

And today I cleaned my pull out pantry in the kitchen.  I like things neat and tidy and clean but I DO NOT PARTICULARLY LIKE TO CLEAN THEM.  But since that's the only way to get things neat and tidy I do it occasionally.  Clearly not often enough, judging by a few expired pantry items.

I also found that I have been loading them up a bit too much.  Oops.  That meant a trip to the hardware store for screws.

And the last thing I have to say today.....Jeanne, you are a genius!
Jeanne is my sweet, kind, smart sister-in-law.  She told me a tip on getting those dingy whites clean  (think of your "unmentionables").  Good taste dictates that I not actually show ours to you but believe me they are white.  Never looked better.

Jeanne's fabulous tip:
throw a dish washing soap pod into the load with your usual laundry soap and add a second rinse to your wash cycle.  Glowing whites, I promise.


  1. Yahoo! I'm going to try that! I like glowing whites!
    Oh, I bet you are so tired of the snow piles, Bonnie. We aren't getting very much snow.

  2. Wow -- I'm going to try that white tip too -- sounds great. I've been adding a bit of bleach lately, but I can't really tell much difference.

    Please send snow our way. We've been so deprived this year -- yours looks beautiful!

  3. Wow, two more feet of snow! You will have fresh swimming holes this summer! Please don't hog it all, we'll be glad to take some snow. It's funny you mentioned whitening your white laundry. I just took my kitchen dish cloths and put them in a tub to soak in Clorox/water. It sure helped, but I like the idea of adding a Cascade tablet to the washer. I don't have any, but I'll have to go get me some. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I know. The Snow is ridiculous!!! I haven't ever heard this tip? Im trying it!

  5. I going to try that wash tip:)