Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Little Trip

I've been on a little trip.

 It's supposed to be warm in Arizona this time of year.  It wasn't.  It was only slightly warmer than frigid, which is what our weather has been here, but we had a wonderful visit with family.   B saw a mountain lion wandering outside the fence one morning and there was ice in the swimming pool.  But the scenery was spectacular, and there definitely was yarn (and yarn stores) involved.

My brown Madelinetosh  socks came off the needles. The yarn is William Morris colorway.  It's such a warm brown.  I love the color and I NEED THEM!!!  I started and have almost finished another sock using some Tosh sock in Ink (really a beautiful dark blue hand dyed) that I got while in Tucson.

It's nice to be back home, even if the weather is less than to be desired right now.  I'm hoping for warmer weather and dreaming of February, when it might start to thaw.


  1. Those socks are gorgeous! I briefly noticed a huge display of madelintosh at my lys the other day but I didn't really read the labels. Is it machine washable? Does it wear well???

  2. Your socks look so warm and toasty:)

    A mountain lion?!? Yikes! On many trails in CA there are signs that mountain lions have been spotted, which always makes me shiver.

    1. I missed the mountain lion. Wasn't fast enough to the window of the casita. A few family members have seen it over the years. They live in the rocks, but the iron fence seems to keep them from the yard. I guess that's the disadvantage over living away from town. Rattlesnakes are a much more common site, unfortunately.