Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Monday, September 3, 2012

Off the needles in August

 A baby dress from charcoal gray yarn.  It's the Clara Dress that was in the Soak ad.
I love it!

Who doesn't need more knitted dish cloths?  They fit perfectly in the kitchen drawer.
Last weekend, early , just as the sun came up I was in the kitchen rug braiding.
Today we weeded and did yard work here in the city. (The braiding was much more fun).  But then today
was Labor Day in the U.S. after all and the garden did need some TLC.
How did you spend Labor Day?


  1. Your handi-work projects are beautiful!
    Are you making the rug for your kitchen?

    I've been trying to get organized.
    It is an up-hill effort.
    I still can't quite get used to having a little cottage. I'm still looking for more space *smile.

    I keep repeating to myself "simplify, simplify!"


  2. Bonnie, is the Clara Dress a difficult pattern?

  3. You have been busy this weekend ! The baby sweater is lovely and I too love making kitchen wash clothes. My mother-in-law made us these for years, then when she stopped I took over as the family dish clothe knitter... [ but I love mindless knitting ]. What pattern do you use?
    Love the rug and the kitchen !

  4. Thanks for you kind comments.
    Kerin, The rug is for the Granary guest house (if I ever get it done).

    Eileen, the wash cloth pattern is a very simple free one I got from the internet. I can send you the pattern. Unfortunately, I've had it for several years and can't give you the exact link.
    E-mail me if you would like me to send it to you.

    Hi Bondurant. The Clara Dress was what I would consider an intermediate knitting pattern. It wasn't hard but does require some knowledge beyond basic knitting. It was fun to make.

  5. I need to get off my keister at this computer and get busy! Your kitchen is a dream:)