Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Monday, January 9, 2012

So glad I watered.

We have been without measurable snow for quite awhile and none was forecast for the near future.  The new plants we put in last fall were sorely in need of water, so B. dragged the hose from the garage and hooked it up to the house.  I put out the set sprinkler on and let it run for an hour or so, moving it and letting the water soak in thoroughly, then left the hose in the west bed in case I needed to water again. Off we went for the weekend, hoping the snow situation was better down south.
It wasn't.
Saturday it started to hail, and continued for about 15 minutes; then the snow started. 
And then it quit.  B.'s brother arrived for breakfast bearing flowers and some sock knitting was done.
A lot of rug braiding was done as well; I am going to get this rug finished if it kills me!  It's going on year 2 and a complete revolution takes much longer now, so why does it seem like the bedroom floor area is increasing and the rug never seems to get any larger in spite of how many rows I add?  B. pointed out that it fit quite well in the hallway.  I think he was subtley hinting at a way for me to be done, bless his heart.  It will be nice when I can move on to dressing beds.  You can see we are in need of a bed skirt.

This awaited us back in the city.
Really Mother Nature!?!  I don't mean to sound ungrateful as I do appreciate the moisture, but it would have been helpful if it had come before I watered.  Apparently we had quite the snowstorm while we were gone, even though some of it melted by the time we got home.  At least we didn't have to shovel.


  1. Oh, your rug is fantastic! It looks perfect right there on the shiny floor!
    We got mushy snow, too!

  2. I so know what you mean, I can never out wit Mother Nature. Over the week end everything south of us got snow, lots of snow, not us missed it by a few miles.
    Love the rug, keep going you will be so happy when it is the size you meant it to be. I feel the same way with socks, they seem to take me forever to knit.uuugggg!
    Have a wonderful day, I love this blog.

  3. Dear Bonnie,
    Here's the source of the little crochet babyslipper,
    you asked me:


    I hoped I could be of any help.
    Kind regards,

  4. That rug is SO pretty! Does it take a ton of fabric? How do you decide on colors, etc? I can't wait until you tell us how you've made it!

  5. Martine, Thanks so much.

    Anna, The rug does take a great deal of fabric. I have no idea how much yardage is in it now. It is solid but I have used scrap fabric so I have not kept track of yardage. Colors?mmmm...I just look at it and say to myself..."I think It needs some yellow here or a bit of blue in this row. I will be posting a tutorial at some point.

    Thank you all for the kind comments.

  6. I've been waiting to see that braided rug again! I love it in the hallway, but oh, it'll be so nice next to the bed for warm feet to land on.

    Wishing you more snow or rain soon. We've been very dry lately, but I hate to complain about a mild winter.


  7. Your rug is so colorful and pretty! So nice to finally get some snow. Hubs mentioned that it was good for the lawn to finally get some water. Hope you unhooked that hose. :)

  8. Bonnie for some reason your photos won't show up on my screen today so I will have to check back. But I totally sympathize with you about the 2-year rug. I have a two-year sweater which wasn't even that great when I was finished because my skills had not been up to snuff when I started. Ahhhh! I don't like to wear it because I feel the mistakes are glaring, yet I refuse to get rid of it. I guess it reminds me how far I've come.
    Happy new year and wishing you the best of progress in all your projects! How is that yarn yardage counter working out? I hope it is great.

  9. Your rug looks wonderfully perfect in that spot! You are so talented(sorry if I sound like a broken record)!