Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ann, new to our social knitting group at the Wool Cabin, was knitting this beautiful scarf on Thursday.
The fiber was deceptively soft and lush and had the most beautiful gradation's of color.  This is the natural color of the fiber.
"What is that wonderful wool?", I asked.
Ann:  "It's not wool.  It's quiviut.  My son, a biologist who lives and works in Alaska, gathered it off of trees and sent it to me.  I hired someone to clean and spin it."
Me:  "Wow"!!!
I'd heard of quiviut but certainly never had the opportunity to see or feel it in person.  Are you familiar with this fiber? 
Qiviut (pronounced "kiv-ee-ute"), the downy-soft underwool from the Arctic musk ox, is shed naturally each year during the spring months. Eight times warmer than wool and extraordinarily lightweight, Qiviut is one of the finest natural fibers known to man.

I can tell you Ann has knit a soft, air-y, fluffy, refined, lightweight and  lovely scarf.  Who would have thought hair from these beasts could end up like that?


  1. I say WOW, too! Interesting!
    Bonnie, I just realized today that I didn't have your blog on my favorite blog list and that's how I navigate around, reading all my blogs! I'm sorry! I've missed you! You're on the roll now, though!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Wow - I never heard of Qiviut. I've learned something new! Thank you for the interesting post and photo. Have a good week!

  3. My sister in Chicago knitted me a scarf from this fiber, I had never heard of it before. It is very very soft and warm. To bad we are having such a warm winter, I can't wear it this year.

  4. I love learning new things! I had never heard of quiviut and now I know something new. Thank you, Bonnie.


  5. I've never heard of qiviut before, but I'll be looking for it the next time I'm at the yarn store(and filing away the word for our next scrabble night.) ;-) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow -- that's really interesting! I've never heard of this animal -- it seems like they'd market the yarn more widely!

  7. Yes, I have a cap out of Qiviut.
    The gallery I managed in the NWT carried many scarves, mittens, gloves, caps, etc. I couldn't keep them in stock at Christmas time. Last year a hat/scarf sold for $700
    Mittens and gloves were 250-300.

  8. Never even heard of them. What a fun, personalized gift!!