Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Monday, October 10, 2011

Heritage Beans and Vinegar (Best Souvenirs Ever!)

A few weeks ago we took a little jaunt through Colorado and New Mexico.  Of course I bought souvenirs.  Not the usual, expected ones.  Ummm...You guessed it, I bought food, but not just any food.  Some of it was ANTIQUE.
We finally got to visit Acoma, a 10th century Pueblo (village) on a high hilltop.  In fact, Acoma translated means "Sky City" and the setting was majestic, as you can see.
Pueblos or villages were built by the Pueblo Indians (tribes of Native Americans) long ago.  Acoma has been continually inhabited since it was built about 1150 AD.  The owners just continue to build and repair.  Now there are about 13 families who live there full-time but the houses are passed down maternally and descendants come for festivals and religious ceremonies throughout the year.  There is no electricity or plumbing and drinking water is brought in.  If you are interested in visiting, guided tours are given throughout the year.
Anasazi people were the ancient ancestors of these Indian tribes and they planted beans, corn, and squash at the bottom of the mesas.
I couldn't resist buying a 10-lb. bag of Anasazi beans and these other beautiful heirloom beans as well.  Dove Creek, Colorado near the 4 corners area produces them.  We bought them right at the processing plant.

Of course Santa Fe is a lovely town, full of hand made silver and turquoise jewelry, Navajo rugs, and painted traditional formed pots; so I bought artisan Balsamic vinegar...and specialty salt... and vinegar.  I have my priorities straight :)
Oleaceae is a small shop near the town plaza, right on the Old Santa Fe trail that sells custom made olive oils, salts and vinegars.  They import the oil and vinegar from all over the world and add their own flavors.  Big silver vats are all around the store with small tasting cups for sampling, and sample we did.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  After much sipping, we came home with two bottles of balsamic; Georgia Peach and Cranberry Pear, our favorites.  The base was an 18-year old white balsamic from Italy.  I also bought a lime-flavored sea salt.  I can't wait to use all of these products.  Stay tuned to see what I make.

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  1. What a beautiful place to visit. I usually bring home food items from trips also. But the trip I just made we went by air and there are all those regulations and we just carried on. So no food items came home this time. But we ate plenty while we were there. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Wow -- how fun! I wouldn't have any idea how to use most of what you bought LOL. I look forward to seeing what you create Bonnie!

  3. You always visit the most interesting places. How fun to bring home these cool beans.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Where is that village?
    I love visiting the four corners, great history and beautiful country.

  5. Found it in New Mexico...thanks

  6. Eileen, I was remiss in not putting the state. Acoma is just outside of Albuguergue, New Mexico.

  7. That's my kind od shopping:) Do you have an idea of what you are going to do with the beans? Looks like a neat place.