Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is not far in coming.

Spring is just around the corner and too not far away.  Know how I can tell?
The flocks are on the move.  This is a typical scene at our country home this time of year; shepards are moving the sheep in before taking them to the summer pastures. 
This flock is very well behaved.  Usually they surround the car and you just move (very, very slowly) through them and hope that they get out from around the car.   Otherwise, you could wait on the road for a long time for the flock to go by.

This small group stopped for a snack. 

There were lots of con-trails in the sky Saturday morning.  Looks like more than just the sheep are going places.  We are located smack dab in the middle of our state...right under the air path to the west coast.

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  1. I just watched a documentary on sheep ranchers last week. It was on my net flex list and I watched in on my computer while I crocheted. I think it was called Sweetgrass? Not sure. It was quite interesting. It started out with them sheering, lambing and then moving them to their summer grazing and back to the rails.

  2. How cute! They look like they're all out for a leisurely Sunday stroll ^v^.

  3. Wow! We need to stop for deer and the occasional flock of turkey, but never sheep. That's so neat! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bonnie -- I haven't seen the sheep being moved to new pasture, but I have seen the cattle -- it's quite a sight -- one that you should stop and enjoy! Joni

  5. Looks like one of those Sanpete traffic jams. We noticed lots of con-trails this weekend also - the sky was sooo blue.

  6. Sheep are such cute animals. Hooray for spring!