Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's on...and off the Needles

My daughter's birthday is on Valentine's Day.  When I asked her what gifts she would like this year, she requested some knitting supplies and a practical, sturdy, warm knit hat that she could wear to the slopes.  Nothing fussy or high maintenance. 

We live 1/2 half hour away from 8 different ski resorts and Erin is an avid and fairly fearless skier.  She surpassed her parents skill level before she was seven; she skis steep slopes and powder that the rest of us never would dare to attempt; and she always wears her helmet.  But ears get cold on the way to the slopes.  So off we went to the Wool Cabin for yarn.  Berocco Weekend in Mariana Blue,was her choice. The pattern she chose was this , the Odessa Hat.  Since we opted to omit the beads, the design is feminine but practical.  The pattern calls for DK weight, so I knit up a swatch with the worsted so I could adjust the sizing.  We felt that the length was too short in the original pattern but because the worsted gauge was bigger, I didn't need to add any more rows.  Erin did ask that the ribbing be wider so I added an extra inch of ribbing to the original pattern and followed the instructions as written. 
On the needles, blocking, and DONE!
Just what Erin requested; a warm, washable, and wearable hat.  Might I add, very cute too!


  1. Anything would look good on your beautiful daughter but this hat is quite special and doesn't look so simple to me--a novice knitter. Of course, I've been "novice" for at least 25 years now!


  2. Such a cute hat! And a cuter daughter :)

  3. I love the color and style of this beanie! It helps to have a cute model:)

  4. Happy belated b-day to your daughter. She's gorgeous and the hat you made for her is lovely, simple and stlish. I admire people who can knit. I'm so not a crafty person. :P Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving many sweet comments. I enjoy reading all of them. Please hop back and sign up as a follower so you won't miss out on the latest post. I just became the newest follower of yours. :)

    Have a wonderful day. Stay warm!


  5. Bonnie -- you sure keep yourself busy! That hat is amazing -- the "swirls" on it are striking. Joni

  6. Pretty hat and bright color

  7. first of all your daughter is beautiful!! but then again you already know that!
    What a great hat, my mom use to knit and crochet, when I was in High School she would crochet hats for all the wrestlers, it became a tradition.
    What great memories I have of those times...
    I know your daughter must have adored that hat as well as the supplies, what a great gift to pass on to her, it almost seems like a lost art now...sigh
    Thanks so much for sharing this great post with us!

  8. Bonnie, so cute the hat you made for your daughter...moreover, she is precious...have a great week ahead!

  9. Such a cute hat & beautiful daughter! And you live 1/2 an hour from 8 ski slopes?! I'm so envious. I'd love to live in the mountains someday ---- sigh.