Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Lambs

We needed to focus on something other than our worries this weekend.  Nothing like hot chocolate for breakfast and some heavy yard work.  The bulk of our work at the homestead is done in the early spring.

B is trying to fill in some very bald patches of grass on our strip outside our fence.  We pulled out a dead apple tree and pruned the currant bushes (so we're hoping to get some fruit in a year or so); but then the bushes are really old, and have neeeded hard pruning for a long time.  Talk about venting frustration.  I am too embarassed to show you those poor bushes.

After the work, we drove out to the pinion forest to see the sheep shearing.  Our friends own about 3,000 head of sheep.  Their winter pasture is in the west desert and the summer pasture is on the mountain range to the east of the town.  In the spring the shearers come from Australia and New Zealand to shear the herd.
The Mickel men bring the sheep to their land and sheds just outside of Spring City for the shearing, docking and doctoring, before taking them up to the summer pasture.  Aren't the little lambs cute?  Just look at those black feet. 
So we set out to watch the massive haircutting session.  Twice.

It seems the shearers were late...a whole day late.
You'd think they were coming from Europe.   Sorry...(just a little humor to lighten my mood).

More photos after they show up.


  1. Wonderful post today. Your photos are terrific, especially those of the sheep. I had no idea that shearers had to be brought in for the task. I always assumed it was done by locals. I hope you are having a lovely day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Mary, I do think that some sheep men in our area have local shearers but this family has so many to shear that they get a company from Australia to do theirs. They come in the spring and travel all over the U.S. with their equipment. They were coming here from California this week. Isn't that crazy?

  3. Glad to here that your daughter is safe and sound in England. It is lovely you had a place to retreat to- and it is lovely!

  4. Ohmygosh! I stopped and took pictures of two little lambies on that rock pile. That's too funny. And hey -- if it weren't for a shrub, don't I spy the red door in the second picture on this post? I know I'm making you go way back -- I can't help it. And you're killing me here -- I think I want to try every recipe I've read tonight!!!