Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

We took a little winter vacation to get away from the snow and this is where we went.  Isn't it lovely?  Dusk is beautiful in Arizona.  The backyard was just warm enough to sit and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.  My Sister-in-law has a gorgeous desert mountain home on a golf course which she so generously lent us for a week.  
I hadn't shown you my Christmas gifts (because the recipients read my blog).  I made socks of course. 
Both pairI knitted turned out lovely...except my husbands didn't fit.  
He has a large instep and the socks fit too tightly there.  Because the yarn was merino and silk and an investment, I wanted him to wear them and that meant they needed to be comfortable.  So...
This happened.
My knitting group cringed.  They asked if it didn't hurt to rip back two lovely socks (size 12) just above the toe where the instep started.  

I want him to wear them and so they need to fit. I now have a custom pattern just for him.
 Here's the finished pair.  Not nicely blocked but finished.
I couldn't resist taking a photo where I re-knit them.
Quite a different scene than the snow and ice where they were born.
No wool socks were needed in this winter weather, but unfortunately we had to go home.

And it snowed again yesterday.  The socks were just what he needed.


  1. Some day I will take a class and learn to knit socks! What wonderful gifts those were. And what a nice vacation from the snow. We have had a mild winter but the snow has covered the ground for weeks and I am rather tired of the grey skies.

  2. Oh, I love AZ and the beautiful scenery there. Glad you had an opportunity to get out of the cold and slush for a while and recharge your spirit.
    The socks turned out beautifully, and I'm sure that they are much appreciated.

    Stay warm and dream of spring.

    p.s. I have a paper sack of red sunflower seeds that I will drop by one of these days :)

  3. Dear Bonnie, your socks are lovely. Homemade socks must be lovely to wear. As I have grown older, I have grown to appreciate nice socks. A trip to a sunny location would be nice about now. I hear that in Utah you have had a lot of snow this year. I know I am not supposed to say it, but I do love the snow. I have ever since I was a child. Joni