Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moths or dye problems,,,,

I cast on to make another lovely little children's swing sweater today.  The variegated yarn is Koigu sock and the solids are Spud and Cloe sock.  I knit this pattern before and put the sweater away for future use.
It's Lene Alve's Lilliput pattern.
Here's the sweater as it came out of its bag; way too wrinkled.  Clearly it was wadded up and not folded nicely.
But that's not the problem. It could be fixed with a little steam.
This is the problem.  
See the holes in the blue stripey yarn?  

My first thought was MOTHS!!!!  However, on further inspection of the sweater and the rest of the woolens in the storage bag, I've come to the conclusion that it is the yarn.  You see, only the blue striped yarn is damaged, not the other yarns in the sweater.  I found the stashed remainder of the ball and it has breaks in the wound strands as well.  And (thank goodness) there doesn't appear to be any other sign of moth damage in any of the other woolen items at all.  I've concluded it was the dye process in the yarn.  

  Farewell sweet little baby sweater.  Your time came and went without ever being worn.  There's no saving you;  too many holes

So I've cast on for another.  We'll see how long it takes.
I love this little sweater pattern.


  1. So frustrating! I hope that your new one lasts better! I guess you won't be using that yarn again. xx

  2. Oh No -- that's awful! It's a darling little sweater though -- super cute! Are you going to put the little embroidered cat on it?

  3. Scary, I have often wonder and worried about moths, though have never found them in my yarn. Do we even have them in the west? i know back home in the mid-west moths and yarn are a major problem. Sorry about your yarn troubles glad though it was not moths. Snowing here on our side of the mountain.

  4. I'm still thinking about the cat Anna.

    Eileen, I have had a moth eat one sweater long ago but it was in my regular closet not the knitting room. I think it is possible but maybe not as much of a problem. I think we are done with snow. It's still pretty cold though. No gardening for me just yet.