Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Storing September


You ask me what I did today,
I could pretend and say
“I don’t remember”,
But, no I’ll tell you what I did today.
I stored September.

Sat in the sun and let the sun sink in,
Let all the warmth of it caress my skin,
When winter comes, my skin will still remember
The day I stored September.

And then, my eyes-
I filled them with the deepest, bluest skies
When winter comes, my eyes will still remember
The day I stored September.

And then there was cricket song to fill my ears!
And the taste of grapes
And the deep purple of them!
And asters, like small clumps of sky-
You know how much I love them.
That’s what I did today
And I know why,
Just simply for the love of it,
I stored September.

Elizabeth Rooney

I love this poem by Elizabeth Rooney.  I love September and I am savoring these last few days.  Thanks Cristie for sending it to me.


  1. What a lovely poem Bonnie! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ohhhh, I really like that poem. I did a little September Storing today -- I "suntanned" and walked and enjoyed storing the sights and sounds. Thank you, Bonnie.

  3. Bah! I'm trying to figure out how to pin this (if it's okay) but I just joined that pinterest thing and don't have a clue how to do it! I added the website where you can -- but it doesn't show up with this exact post. I'm so not technically inclined - it's almost embarrassing. :)