Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still Here...

I'm still here but life has been busy.

I have been preparing to teach a class at the Wool Cabin and life is moving along at a fast pace.  So fast that I haven't much time to write... or cook.

I did grill up this perfect piece of moist, sweet Halibut.  The summer squash with basil and garlic and fresh spring onions from the garden, along with the butter lettuce salad with feta crumbles and blueberries were the perfect meal for a summer evening.

No recipes because I just threw the fish on the grill, tossed the salad ingredients in a bowl and tossed it with some lime juice a bit of blueberry syrup, and some olive oil.

I can tell you it was scrumptious.

Hope your summer is moving along well...maybe just at a bit slower pace than mine.

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