Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring ..sort of.

Here's the Granary on Easter Sunday.  The day started out warm and sunny; then it rained. The girls and their friends came to the Stone House for dinner and then they dyed some Easter eggs.
The poppies are starting to green up and we got the beds cleaned up and ready...again.
I hung my new spring wreath.  It has things I have collected from the yard on it, except the forsythia (shh....they're silk, from the craft store).  I took the white bird feather off as I think it is too stark.  I am waiting for some pussy willows and when I find them, they are going on the wreath too.
A few weeks ago, when I was pruning the bushes in the Granary garden I found an abandoned hummingbird nest with two tiny un-hatched eggs among the broken, hatched shells.  I shellac-ed the nests and eggs and babied them for a week.  I didn't want to break those eggs.  Then Oops...I dropped the glue gun on one when I was gluing the nest to the wreath so now there is only one egg left.  Can you see it in the nest?
Sweet Rachel (who stayed with us on Thursday nights) is done with her nursing clinicals in our city for this semester.  She left a parting gift.  Aren't they lovely.  After a weekend of yard work and tree pruning, it's nice to have a bright spot in the house.

Hope you had a Happy Easter weekend.


  1. Ha ha ha, Bonnie! You mean I'm not the only one who drops things? Yikes!
    There are so many tulips at the grocery store. Who will buy them? Should I? Smile. I think so.
    I'm glad you had a happy Easter. We ordered our dirt and our garden redo today. YAY!

  2. Pretty wreath! I like the hummingbird's nest and the feathers. What a sweet, spring gift of tulips.

  3. Oh shoot! You must have been so disappointed when you dropped that glue gun. What a lucky find though -- to have a real nest and a real egg! I'm hoping to see it up close and personal this summer {wink}{wink}!

  4. Hi, I love your wreath...how beautiful the little
    hummingbird nest! I made two spring wreaths, one for the
    front door and one for the back. I used dried flowers on mine.
    I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your
    quote by Marjorie Hinckley...boy, don't we all need to be
    constantly reminded of what's really important in this life!

    1. Thanks Corinne. I'd love to see your wreaths.
      I "stole" that quote from my friend Karin's blog. I had not heard it before and I love the statement. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Bonnie, thanks for being so gracious and commenting on my Color Festival post. I have been absent from posting and reading blogs. Just in a blue funk. I would adore having pussy willows in my yard. We used to have some in our yard growing up. Your wreath would be great to perk things up. I wish the forsythia were in bloom here. I only have a little bit of bloom in my yard. Can't wait for spring. What do you do with the granary? Joni

  6. Your wreath is perfect with what you have found. How sweet to have the tiny nest and egg.