Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chocolate Cheesecake

We had 3 of our daughters and 3 friends home Sunday afternoon.  We watched this together and then had a lovely dinner.  While the pulled pork was in the oven there was a little time for recreation.
When Rachel was living in Jerusalem she learned to slack line.  She bought her own gear after she returned to the U.S.  She's been concentrating on her schooling but she's quite impressive on that slack line.
This is how you teach someone to slack line.  Brooke's doing pretty well for her first attempt.  It's a bit like gymnastics...you need a spotter.
 And then she was all alone on the line.  Thank goodness that line is just a little way off the ground.
After all that hard work, chocolate cheesecake was the reward.

And what a reward it was.  This was a new recipe for me and it's a keeper; the best chocolate cheesecake I've ever made.  You can find the recipe here.  A very tiny sliver of a portion is all you need.  It's rich!  Do you like the "fancy china"?  No one could wait for me to bring out the better plates.  My tip for you...cut the slices with a piece of dental floss.  Nice straight cuts.   I keep a dedicated box of floss in my pastry drawer in the kitchen.
It tasted divine even on the paper plates.  Imagine how pretty it would look on nicer ones. 
The ganache on the top was divine, by the way. It got a bit smudges from the aluminum foil that was covering it while it chilled in the refrigerator but no one complained.   Everyone went home with a "doggie bag (or plate in this case)" with an extra slice of cheesecake for later.

The rest of the cake went into the freezer.  I'll probably need to hide it way in the back.  Out of sight...out of mind.  At least for a few weeks.


  1. Ooooh Yum!!! That cheesecake looks wonderful -- I'll bet the kids looooove coming home to your treats. And slack lining? It looks really fun, although, it looks like it would hurt your feet LOL!

  2. Your cheesecake looks so yummy! I usually make a cheesecake for Christmas dinner, but I'm thinking we could have a Christmas/4th of July cheesecake this summer!! Looks like a great time with the daughters, love, love, love family time!

  3. Yum yum that cheese cake looks wonderful !
    My neighbors walk on a slack line a lot, makes me nervous because their line is rather HIGH up. It's the trauma nurse in me, I see all activity as accidents waiting to happen.
    Your girls look as if they have the hang of it !

  4. The cheesecake looks phenomenal and the ganache on top is so perfectly round...like a big cookie:) Your girls look like candidates for the tightrope next.

  5. My youngest is a slack liner. I haven't given it a try yet!
    What a lovely cake. I just love chocolate cheesecake so will have to give this one a try. It is so fabulous with the chocolate on the top. I have been craving that lately.

  6. O man, girl! That cheesecake looks crazy-good. I'm making dessert once a week, so I need to put this one on the menu soon. I'm so glad you're enjoying your daughters at home.