Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting There

I've been away from the blog....knitting.  And knitting and knitting.
I also made the food for a church Christmas breakfast for 250 and got our refrigerator repaired.  It's been out at the Homestead for 8 weeks now.  How is it possible that a 5-year old appliance can have a part that is no longer available????? The computer board had to be sent off to another state to be rebuilt.  But it's back and seems to be working now.  Finally, I managed to get a bit of a breather to just enjoy the Christmas decorations in THE HOUSE.  The drapes are drawn because it snowed two days ago and I am blinded with them open.  It's cozy.
I managed to knit two pair of socks and to crochet two green hot pads for my Mom this week. 
And the Fallberry Mitts are on the needles.

A few more items to knit and I can relax my fingers.  
Our daughter is boarding a plane in Tel Aviv as I write.  She's been studying in Jerusalem for the last 4 months and I am counting down the hours until she gets home.  It will be the best present ever this year.

But just in case your daughter isn't coming home (I suggest buying one of these boxes for yourself...and hiding it) and you need a gift for someone else, I give you the link to my favorite homemade toffee.  At Garden Gate Candy the same family has been making this toffee for 68 years in the same storefront.  Garden Gate is only open 2 months of the year, so if you miss them this year, try again next November or December.  They make the best toffee, dipped on both sides in chocolate (milk or dark) and covered in almonds.  I give them for gifts.
And they ship.  You might want to stock up.  Next November is a long way away.


  1. Hand knit socks would be so amazing. You really have been busy! So glad your daughter is coming home. What an amazing experience she must have had! The toffee sounds yummy. Toffee is my favorite treat at Christmas. Joni

  2. WOW Bonnie, your super women, breakfast for 250, socks! I will be lucky to have all gifts here and a tree up. I did order more gifts on line with fast delivery since I'm stuck in the house for awhile. A tree I couldn't find online ;(.
    Take care
    Do you rent yourself out?

  3. Most of all, I'll be thinking, and wishing for your daughters safe return.
    How wonderful it will be to have her home for Christmas!!

    Glad that you were able to get the refrigerator fixed at the homestead!

    Your handiwork projects are beautiful, and a very special gift.

    Haven't heard of that toffee before.. I'll have to check it out.

    Enjoy your evening, my friend.


  4. Your living room looks beautiful. Your knitting and crocheting are fabulous. The gift receiver will really enjoy those.

  5. Boy, what a relief -- I can't imagine how thrilled you must be to have your daughter coming home -- what a fall for your family! And TWO pairs of socks in a week? I'm lucky to get one pair in two weeks. Actually that's REALLY rare LOL. Looks like you're well on your way to a happy, handmade Christmas!

  6. What a lovely room and I can just picture you knitting away there. So glad your daughter will be home for Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your family.

  7. That is a BIG breakfast! You are amazing! Your home looks so cozy, especially with knitting and chocolates...and your daughter added:)

  8. I always enjoy visiting your blog. My but your fingers must be tired...but your gifts will be much appreciated, I'm sure. Your home is beautifully decorated. We will have snow on the ground tomorrow.

  9. Feeding 250 for breakfast? You are super woman!

    When I told a friend that I just bought a new fridge, he said, "Oh, you bought one of those 5 year throw-away appliances, huh?" That makes me sick. I'm glad you were able to get it fixed. I hope my fridge lasts less than 5 years if it's going to die because I have a 5 year warranty on it.

    The knitting is fabulous. You're going to really bless someone with those lovely socks and mitts.

  10. P.S. So happy that your daughter is on the way home! What a joyful time!

  11. ok, first, I hope your daughter arrived home safely! That's always a relief to get them back when traveling for a long time.
    Second, I cannot believe how fast you can knit! What a great gift of love.
    And third. Garden Gate toffee. We get a box every year from someone at work. It is my absolute favorite purchased treat at Christmas time. YUMMY.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday.