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Heaven on Earth

Monday, November 19, 2012

Peeling and Cubing Butternut Squash...a tutorial

I grow Waltham Butternut squash (a hard winter storage variety) in my garden every year.  This year I got about 15 of them.  They are so sweet and beautiful and they make great soup!

They're also easy to find in the market.  Buy ones that look like the one on the right.  The bulbous part on the bottom is where the seed cavityis located, while the long neck is solid flesh.  You get more for your money when you buy a longer necked squash.

Every year I hear friends get excited when Costco sells peeled and cubed squash in the produce refrigerator.  What they do not get excited about is the cost per pound.  Seems that some people are unfamiliar with prepping the squash and even admit to being a bit scared to try.

It's easy!  Here's what you do.

Wash your squash thoroughly.  Lay it on it's side and cut the bulbous part from the neck.  Cut off the stem and bottom ends.  Now your squash has "feet" and will be stable on your cutting board.

Stand the pieces upright and hold them still.  The flesh is starchy and a bit slippery so hang on to it, and keep your fingers out of the way of the knife blade.
Peel the skin away from top to bottom, rotating the squash and peeling it all the way around.  You may have to turn it upside down to get all the skin off.  Discard the hard skin.

Cut the two pieces in half lengthwise.  Using the bowl of a large spoon, scrape the seeds and stringy membrane from the cavity and discard them.  Wash the cavity.

Chop the quarters into evenly sized cubes.  They can be refrigerated in zip-lock bags at this point.  One squash took me about 8 minutes to completely prep.  And it was free; not $8.00 a bag.  Whole squash can often be found for .99/pound.  That's a great price.

I love this sweet squash tossed in olive oil, salt, and freshly ground pepper and roasted in a 400 degree F oven.  It's darn good tossed in butter, cinnamon, and some brown sugar and roasted in the same manner.

Prep your own and you won't need to pay high prices for that pre-cut squash  this holiday.  It's so much fresher too!


  1. Wow, that seems super easy! I LOVE butternut squash and keep buying the one at Costco because I thought it would be difficult to prep. No more. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. I love fresh squash but it can be difficult to prep. A cooking class taught me that if I'm feeling really weak to put it in the microwave for a few minutes and soften it up then it peals easier. It worked. Now I think i will go and roast some squash. Or how about roasted squash soup?
    Hope all is great on your side of the range.

  3. I grow these same squash! I love it, love it with just butter and S&P.

  4. You can also roast and eat the butternut pumpkin seeds too! Pumpkin seeds are super healthy for you. Just rinse off all traces of pumpkin flesh and "strings". Dry seeds and then place in a bag with 1 tablespoon of oil and any seasoned salt (or plain) and toss seeds to cover with thin coating of seasoned oil. tip out onto a baking tray and roast for 15-12 mins in a oven 375 degrees - be sure to stir the seeds halfway. (Seeds cook inside the 'shell' and can look under done but believe me they are cooked after 20 minutes at tops!)