Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Premium Cocoa Mix (or Witches Brew on Halloween)

Many years ago (my recipe says 1986), my friend Marjorie shared this recipe in a church cookbook. 
We moved to San Francisco and I left the book boxed up in storage.  One misty, chilly, foggy day, nothing but a steaming cup of hot chocolate would suffice.  When I couldn't find the recipe, and since no other hot chocolate compares to this one, I called Marjorie Long Distance to request the recipe.  She was a bit surprised but kindly repeated the recipe over the phone.  26 years later, it's still our favorite cocoa.
For a church meeting this month, I shared the recipe and served the cocoa as our refreshment.  I calculated the cost of one serving of premium cocoa mix from the market compared to the cost of this recipe.  The home made mix was about half the cost per serving.   It tastes just as good (some ladies declared it even better than premium cocoa). 

Package it up in a cute container and give as a neighbor or teacher gift.  I've made fabric bags, used antique canisters, and even canning jars over the years.  Include a seasonal mug or two.  Tie a sprig of holiday greenery and a pretty ribbon on it and be sure to include the recipe for the mix.  They'll want to replenish their supply when the container is empty.  Some years I've included my homemade marshmallows in the package.  Embellish the mallows with seasonal sugar, colors, and flavoring.  That recipe is coming soon.

Brew up a pot of coca this Halloween.  It'll be a hit with party guests and Trick-or Treaters.

Winter Warm Up

2 cups of instant (dried) milk
¾ cup of Non-Dairy Creamer (such as Coffee Mate)
¾ cup of sifted cocoa
¾ cup of granulated sugar

Mix all ingredients together. Store in an airtight container.
Makes about 10 servings.

To make one serving: Mix 6 oz. of hot water with 1/3 cup of mix.


  1. Bonnie, what a good way to use up some of the canned dried milk some of us have, and our children won't drink even though they are big milk drinkers. I think the non-dairy creamer must give it the added richness. I have never made homemade marshmallows -- how do they compare to store bought marshmallows? Joni

  2. Sounds yum! I was happy to see you say that you had the marshmallow recipe coming up soon----I would LOVE to give that shot sometime, but always expected them to be finicky and difficult. Any tips would be great! My mom loves home made mallows & I would just love to give her some for Christmas!

  3. I can do this! I'll give it to my warm-hearted friends at school! Thank you, Bonnie!

  4. Mmmm this sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe, Bonnie.
    I also wanted to come and say a huge thank you for your kind and lovely words about my WWC feature. Really appreciated.
    Happy Fall,

  5. Good idea! Sometimes the old recipes are the very best recipe.

  6. Oh yeah, I'm on the way to the store to buy the creamer...this sounds wonderful and I love a good cup of cocoa in the winter...thanks;)

  7. I love hot cocoa in the winter. If you've been making this recipe all these years, I'd better try it.

  8. This would go great with my witchy popcorn:)

  9. I'm a cocoa addict. I'm going to try your recipe. And the home made marshmallow? Never made them, Ill be looking for your recipe. Thanks Bonnie!