Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Royal Mail

This came today; Royal mail from London.  What could it be?  A treasure from Portabello Road?
A Royal hat?  A souvenir likeness of the famous Beefeaters?  A photo with William and Kate, or maybe even the Queen herself?

Ripppppppppppp......Bubble wrap.  It must be important and very precious!

Ooooohhhh....I can harldy wait.
YESSSSS!!!!!!  That daughter of mine sure knows how to send home gifts.  Just what this family likes;  Candy; specifically European candy that we can't buy in the U.S..   Our daughters send these Chucherias (Spanish name because Spain is where one of my daughters first discovered these candies) home when they go Europe and Abby took a little trip to Barcelona last week.  Sometimes they come home in suitcases, but it's nice to get them in the mail, too.  The long skinny sticks are sort of like licorice but with fruit flavors and they're filled with a soft, fondant like candy in the center.  And I gather one of my daughters ate a few Percy Pigs when she lived in London, because she requested some from there.  This candy package is becoming a tradition.  We're 4 for 4 now. 

That's what I call a Royal gift!   Thanks Abby.


  1. Oooh, you lucky girl! I'm surprised it survived long enough for the picture LOL!

  2. You do realize that you have to share? I specifically requested those Percy Pigs.

  3. So fun to get packages in the mail, especially fun candy!