Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A New Favorite

In our Stone House, we have linen white walls and grained wood mouldings (very neutral).  A corner in the parlor needed some more color.  I think this solves the problem nicely.

The artist, Lee Udall Bennion, has a unique style easily recognizable to her admirers and to collectors of her art work.  Her medium is oil paint and she also makes and paints her own frames.  This scene portrays Lee and her youngest daughter and was painted 20 or so years ago.  Can you feel the artist's connection to the piece?  A. looks content and safe in her mother's arms, doesn't she?

It was a birthday present for Mr. City Home and I think it will stay on the wall for a good while.

You can see more of Lee's work here.


  1. Oh this is beautiful, I love the colors and that little girl..
    I bet it looks wonderful on your wall !

  2. It's beautiful Bonnie! Does Lee live in your little artist's town?

  3. Beautiful...Lee is such a talented lady.
    We are certainly lucky to have such wonderful artists and good folks in our beautiful town :)

  4. just beautiful!!!!!
    nice blog.
    greetings from germany,

  5. I absolutely love the painting. Not only will it be beautiful on your walls but I love the subject matter.

  6. It's truly beautiful. I love the little girl looking back at us. And even the frame is a work of art. Lucky Mr. City Home!

  7. That is a stunning piece. Just lovely.