Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Friday, May 27, 2011


I love the WeekEnd.  We spend the time outdoors gardening, riding in the mountains, and watching stars from the pasture, away from the city lights.

B has a new love.  It's meat.  Smoked meat to be more specific.  So far this month he has smoked a pork shoulder with apple wood and a brined turkey breast using cherry and a bit of hickory wood.

The turkey was actually much lovlier than this photo taken from my phone.  Just look at that pink smoke ring and I will tell you that it was a nice golden brown, not nearly as dark as the phone photo looks.  I keep forgetting the camera, so please forgive the terrible exposure.   A second camera that stays in the stone house would make a wonderful gift....should anyone in my family be looking for ideas.

I posted a tutorial here if you are interested in the method we use to smoke our meat.  We don't have a fancy smoker; just a barbecue kettle but it works great.

Salmon is next on his smoking agenda.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. You country folk sure do eat well! :)

  2. Lucky you! Enjoy this long weekend!

  3. This looks wonderful, no need to worry about the phone picture :) Are you enjoying the Spring City celebration?

  4. Smells good!

    There is a funky little shop called Propane Equipment and Supply (3768 south 300 West) that carries a great supply of smoking woods - apple, cherry, pecan, maple etc. Check them out