Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Make -Do Pinpoke

This is a Make-Do .  You know...those primitive little objects women made to use up scraps of fabric and things. 

 A few years ago I was in charge of a large craft activity for a group of women and I designed this make-do pinpoke strawberry on a candle holder.  I made up kits for the ladies and I had one kit left over.  It was taking up space in my sewing room so I made it up and it became the door prize for my quilt guild meeting. 

The first Strawberry Pinpoke I designed for me.  I used an antique crystal candleholder I purchased at an antique store for just a few dollars.  The later kits had this candleholder in them.  It came from a craft store.  Make do with what you can afford or what you can find.

I love my strawberry make do, and have had it for years.  It lives next to my sewing machine and holds a large quantity of pins (for sewing anything and everything).
I hope this one's new owner loves it as much as I love mine.

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  1. I love your strawberry make-do! So cute! Maybe it would inspire me to sew:)

  2. Bonnie--How about a picture of YOUR strawberry make-do? (I love my new one--it looks great next to my sewing machine! Many thanks.) Liz

  3. Hi Bonnie! That is so cute, & I love your make do philosophy! Your blog is beautiful, warm & so welcoming. A pleasure to meet you ;).