Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Surgery

When Rachel was 12 she wanted to knit herself a ski hat.  A ski hat with flaps which were "in"; very popular at the time.  We bought the pricey but beautiful wool that her pattern called for.  She started knitting and knitted about halfway, then tired of the tedious project.  I was very impressed; she got much more done than I ever thought that she would.  Fair Isle was a bit ambitious as a project for a 12-year old beginning knitter.  I finished it and she gladly wore it until flaps went "out" of style. 
Fast forward 8 or so years.  She still liked the hat.  If only it didn't have those ugly flaps.  "Can you take them off, Mom?"  Sooooo..............
A snip here, and a snip there; some frogging; I took off the crocheted edge; added a
a little ribbing in Rachel's favorite colors from the hat using the original leftover wool and
The new, improved, wearable, and updated ski hat...minus the flaps.
I noticed after uploading the picture that she is also wearing a lampshade on the top of her hat/head.  Thanks for modeling Rachel (I caught her in the middle of homework and she was reluctant).  Don't know why...she's beautiful!  


  1. That is a cute knitted hat. I don't know how to knit -- I even have a problem with the loom hats -- beginning and finishing. You are very clever to know how to take off the flaps and I agree -- your daughter is gorgeous. Joni

  2. Wow, you'd never know that surgery was performed on the hat:) It's beautiful! I agree that your model is too:)

  3. You are so talented! She definitely is beautiful - like her mom.