Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Monday, July 19, 2010

Spring City Farmer's Market

This is my friend Vickie Allen.  She and her husband Mark are the owners of the Spring City Inn and Antiques.  They have restored a beautiful old home on Main Street and turned it into a bed and breakfast.  In addition they host a Blue Grass Festival and have also been hosting a Farmer's Market.  The crops are a bit behind because of the weather, but there are some offerings now.  Vickie had two kinds of cherries (which we bought and were they ever good!), cabbage, lettuce, the last of the rhubarb, and some fresh eggs and berries.  Her mom sells beaded products.  There was a booth selling drinks, and this is my friend Lynn Farrar. 
She has two artistic personas...one serious and one whimsical.  She is a terrific artist . You can visit her studio in Spring City and can also see her work here.

This is Kim Stewart.  She and her husband Tennessee make Dutch Oven lunches.

at the market.  If you've ever cooked Dutch Oven dinners you know how much work it is.  Let Kim do all the work for you but come early because when it's gone it's gone.Tennessee is a muleskinner and was off driving a team this week.  If you have happen to need a muleskinner for any event he's available at MULESKINNER.COM.

Our friends Jock and Bonnie are enjoying their lunch.  Jock is a national award-winning craftsman.  He makes hand-made Windsor chairs the old fashioned way.  They are absolutely beautiful, and I know that for a fact because we own two of his chairs.  They are truly works or art.  If you are in town, you can stop in to his shop on Main street or check out his web-site.

On Saturdays, the market is the place to be.  Last week we rubbed shoulders with the locals as well as visitors all the way from France and Texas.

We are lucky to have a place in a small town peopled with so many wonderful artists and gardeners and cooks.  Visit the Spring City farmer's market on Saturdays from 10:00 to 2:00.


  1. Lots of talented people, especially for a small town! It has been our dream to open a bed and breakfast in Pacific Grove(CA) someday:)
    That lunch special sounds delicious, and what a deal!

  2. Just found your blog today and absolutely love it. If I'm hungry when I leave, it's a great blog - you win!!!!

  3. Lovely post, enjoyed reading it. I have no idea about Dutch oven dinner, will read more about that in future.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments:-)

  4. I love farmers markets and love talking to the people there! It's just wonderful every time!

    The hot fudge sundae sauce in your past post looks phenomenal!! Thanks!

  5. What a fun market! I had no idea that this was going on every Saturday, it sounds very delightful. I would like to come just for the Dutch oven dinner, thanks for the tip to come early!

  6. The farmer's market looks great. Maybe we will have to drop in from Orem some time. We love to dutch oven too.