Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junk Market finds, popovers, and trout

Spring City is having it's annual Heritage Day this Saturday.  Last Saturday, Bruce and I helped clean the Old School to ready it for the festivities.  We were assigned to sort out the left-over rummage sale items from a previous sale that were in storage on the second floor.  We threw out the things we didn't think were sale-able and kept the ones that might sell on Saturday.  I found some great things at great prices.  I bought a silver plate napkin stand for 25 cents and this popover pan for 1 dollar.  I used the pan today to make popovers to eat with Sunday dinner. 

For those of you who have never eaten a popover, they are sometimes called Yorkshire pudding (except that those have bacon grease in them instead of butter) and are often served with Prime Rib.  I put a pat of butter in the bottom of the pan, melted it, and poured in the batter.
These are just like Dutch Babies or German pancakes.  The recipe I used (you can find it here) only made 6 popovers and as soon as I put them on the plates they were gone in a flash, even before I got the after photos taken.  Just cut a very small slit in the top of the popover as soon as you take it out of the oven so that they don't collapse.  Then add a spot of jam.

We ate them with trout that my Dad caught and gave us.  He cleans, skins, and fillets them.  I didn't realize that most people have to bone their own fish because I was so spoiled by my dad's filleted trout.  We aren't fisher-people at our house;so fresh, filleted trout is a real treat. 
Here's what I did.  *Dip the dry fillets in some seasoned flour; I added garlic salt, kosher salt, paprika, freshly ground black pepper, and a little paprika for color.  Then dip in egg wash (Can you tell which egg is the farm fresh one?  The yolk is bright orange.) and back in the flour for a thin coating.  Saute them in some butter and canola oil for a few minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the trout, until they are golden brown. 
You won't want to over-cook them.  Remove them to a plate and add fresh butter in the pan til it foams.  Turn down the heat and stir in some scallions.  Cook the scallions for a few minutes and spoon over the trout fillets.  Serve these with your popovers.  We ate the trout before I got a photo as well.  I can usually hold everyone off for the photo but not this time.

Yummmmm.... Thanks Dad ever so much!


  1. That is a nice find. I've been wanting to give popovers a try.

  2. These look gorgeous!

    Our anniversary (#33) is this weekend - maybe we should head to Spring City. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. And, can I just say how jealous I am of your kitchen? It is so lovely!


  3. Donna, Come down this weekend. While it's supposed to rain on the Wasatch Front, it will be sunny with a few clouds in Spring City. A little chilly maybe, but it should be a fun day.

  4. It was such a beautiful day in Spring City, we are so glad we went. How ever, we did miss the sales! Next year I need to get there earlier. What a wonderful spot you have there away from the buzz in the city :)