Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Suzie

I'd like to introduce you to Miss Suzie-kins (honestly, that's her real name; it's impressed into her neck).  Not very Asian-sounding, if you ask me.  She's originally from China,and came to the USA seeking job opportunities.  Her former occupation was "hair mannequin".  Now she's retired and forever having a bad hair day.  Occupational hazard I suppose, but being the practice model for a new haircut is rarely fun.  Suzie had out-lived her usefulness, so my wonderful friend and hair stylist, Alicia at Figaro Salon sent her along the path to a new carrer. 

We were talking about blocking knitted hats.  I had been using a tailor's ham but Alicia thought I might try using Suzie instead.  Suzie, however, had way too much hair so Alicia shaved her.  If you go to Alicia for a haircut, I PROMISE you won't go home looking anything like Suzie.  Alicia is a WONDERFUL STYLIST!!!

Suzie is wearing a hat I knitted for Abby for Christmas.

I was pleased with how it turned out and more importantly, Abby loves it.  It looks so cute on her (of course, SHE is much better looking than Suzie to begin with). 

The hat is made from the softest merino wool, and has the cutest argyle detail on the side. You can find the pattern here.  I knitted two of the cover hat from this same book, which also has many other cute patterns that you'll want to knit. Suzie is also wearing a spiral ruffle scarf I crocheted for Abby a few years ago.  You'd wear a scarf too if your neck looked like hers (Suzie's not Abby's).

She is a bit freaky, I know.  My family was creeped out to see her sitting on the back kitchen counter last night.  Thank goodness she's going up to the sewing room with the headless dress forms. 


  1. Darling hat! I have a vintage wig makers head that I use to block my caps and it works great!

  2. Michelle, I'll gladly trade you your vintage head for Susie. I'd love to find one of those.