Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's the Season...For Grapefruit.

Grapefruit's on sale right now in my local market. It's in season, and considering that Florida has been battling freezing conditions, I decided to stock up. I'm guessing the cost of citrus will only go up. We go through a lot of grapefruit in our house. Especially when I section it out into supremes.

In my humble opinion, the only thing better than refreshing, chilled grapefruit sections (especially if someone other than you has sectioned them) is refreshing, chilled grapefruit sections with homemade fresh raspberry sauce.

This recipe is modeled after a sauce that my dear friend Rosie brought us as a Christmas treat one year. She put the supremes in a quart jar and included a small bottle of her raspberry sauce. It was even better than grapefruit with brown sugar. I really appreciated her effort after I sectioned them myself and saw how long it took her to prepare them.

But they are truly worth the effort. Especially if it means my family eats more grapefruit.

I give you:

Bonnie's Raspberry Sauce

12-oz. (about 1 pint) of fresh raspberries + 1/4 C. water
1-10 oz. box of frozen raspberries with syrup
2 to 4 Tab. white sugar (depending on how much sweetness you like)

Heat the fresh raspberries and water or the frozen raspberries
with syrup until completely thawed. Add desired amount of
sugar. Cook until sugar is dissolved and raspberries have collapsed
and given off all of their juices.

Remove from heat and puree in a blender. Strain well. Add more
sugar if needed, to taste.

Refrigerate and use within one month.

*This raspberry sauce is so versatile. It's great on pound cake and pancakes. Sometimes I add it to shallots, butter, and white wine to make a sauce for chicken paillards or pork tenderloin slices.


  1. I love raspberry anything. Your sauce sounds great! Welcome to the Hive!

  2. Beautiful home. I love the historic look. Excited to see more from you!